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Business Continuity

You have done everything within your organization to prevent a major disaster such as fire or water damage, the fire and evacuation plans are made, your staff is trained, so now you hope that nothing will happen.

But your business is affected by a disaster! Were you prepared? Do you have an alternate location? Do you have (recovery) equipment? Do you have the phone numbers of specialist companies and individuals that can help you?

If you have made a business disaster impact analysis, you know what the impact of a disaster such as fire can do for your company.

The first few hours after a disaster are of utmost importance, short decision lines and a good preparation to make a speedy recovery and a resumption of the activities of your business will limit the damage.

But if you say you do not want to think about how long can you afford not to be ready for your clients, from several days to several weeks ... Or do you?

What can European Vip Services do for you?

  • We help your business with Security and Safety audit issues and advise on how your company is doing.
  • We can serve you to make a business impact analysis and prepare a Disaster Recovery Plan.
  • Immediately after the disaster we can assist directly by sending competent persons and delivering the right services.
  • With Our Partner Belfor we can ensure specialized people and equipment on the spot without time loss.
  • Testing your plans through realistic exercises.

Disaster and Trauma

A disaster has often traumatic consequences for those involved. To limit the consequences it is important to offer expert guidance as quickly as possible. Our Partner Ms Annemieke Evers specializes in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and can assist you and your company. See: De Praktijk PTSD (Dutch website)

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Business Continuity and Contingency

Pictures of fire en business continuity.

Results of Fire
Results of Fire

Fire Research
Fire Research


Securing a Server
Securing a Server