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European VIP Services BV started in 1985. Our employees are former (military) police employees and are both deployed on event basis (advice, security, VIP Protection), and contract basis for hotel and personal security.

Employee Specialties

  • Medical first Aid - MFR
  • Fire Control.
  • Fire Prevention.
  • Fire and evacuation plans.
  • Business Contingency Plans.
  • Risk analysis
  • Detective Work.
  • Security Routines.
  • Unarmed techniques.
  • Crisis Treatment.
  • Terrorist intelligence work.
  • Security Advice for foreign organizations.
  • Explosives detection.
  • VIP protection.

Management of European VIP Security Services

image-34.jpg Management of European VIP Security Services

Dick Kuizenga, former President of the International Federation of Hotel Security Management, started his career at the Royal Military Police, he worked at Schiphol Airport and also, as watch commander of the Royal Marechausee to the Royal Family at Soestdijk and
Drakestein. Later he was transferred to the Amsterdam police, where he among others, worked in the uniformed service at the Lijnbaansgracht bureau, led by the well known Commissioner Gerard Toorenaar. He also worked as a Criminal Immigration Specialist in the Bureau of Serious Crimes. Meanwhile he was also a member of a volunteer fire brigade and there he has successfully completed various specialized trainings. In 1987 he left the police at his own request, and started his own company European VIP services BV. The combination police and fire brigade was a perfect combination to serve the industry. Making fire, evacuation and business contingency plans and the provision of fire and safety training are important services that European Vip Services can provide.

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European VIP Security Services on the Job

Some pictures of us on security jobs.

Job Dresscode
Job Dresscode

Security Mick jagger
Security Mick jagger


Vip on Schiphol Airport
Vip on Schiphol Airport