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Event Security is a Specialism

If you want an event to succeed it is essential to bring a team of specialists together: specialists for decoration, catering and artist planning. Do not forget the security for both your guests and employees (labor law), etc.

Events can be disturbed by several things (an accident can happen always): Properties may, intentionally or unintentionally, disappear and during events with an increased risk, only the threat of kidnapping, terrorism or violence can be a factor.

What will you do if the location where your event will take place, shortly before the event is rendered useless by fire and / or smoke? A new location, or cancel the event entirely? Even a seemingly minor incident can have a deeper impact on you and your guests, then you may think.

Details are the key to organizing an successful event. A festive or business purpose? Your event should always perfect and proceed undisturbed. It is therefore that a Safety & Security Expert must be part of an event organization team to achieve:

Event Security

  • Primary security care
  • Reduce the risks for people and properties
  • Ensuring privacy

Safety and Security

In short, prevent and contain damage and disgrace as a result of safety and security incidents. Risk management for companies, creating a risk assessment and associated roadmap.

Already during the first organization meetings we think with you. During the construction of the site all is checked, such as the correct working of doors of all types, security exit guiding, presence of fire extinguishing materials, workers issues, etc.

During the construction, the value of the site increases. Think about sound and light equipement etc. The use of site security after working hours is a must.

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European VIP Security Services on the Job

Some pictures of us on security jobs.

Arrival. Nelson Mandela
Arrival. Nelson Mandela

Fire extinguisher Inspection
Fire extinguisher Inspection

Arrival Dutch Team
Arrival Dutch Team

Extinguisher Scan
Extinguisher Scan